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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Model of teeth with fixed bridge restorationThere are many reasons why crowns may be recommended in your mouth. They can provide relief from discomfort if your tooth has a crack through it.  Additionally, they encase and reinforce teeth that have been heavily restored (large cavity in the past). On teeth that have undergone root canal therapy, crowns are recommended to prevent fracture. Crowns can restore strength and beauty to teeth with large cavities around old fillings.

A dental crown can be made with several different materials, including gold, porcelain, or ceramic, often in combination. Our first step involves the discovery and removal of all harmful material. Once the decay is gone, we may need to build the tooth back up prior to the crown. Then your crown (or bridge) is sculpted to create an ideal fit. During the interim period between when your impressions are taken and when our dental lab returns your fabricated crowns, you will be fitted with a temporary crown or bridge.


Older woman with flawlessly repaired smile

A bridge is like two or more crowns splinted together with a hanging tooth in the middle. It is one of the possible solutions that replace missing teeth.  Bridges can redistribute the chewing forces that are unbalanced when teeth are missing. Other benefits of bridges include covering the gums that are exposed between teeth, keeping teeth upright (as teeth have a tendency to shift after a neighboring tooth is removed), and preventing bone loss as trauma to stand-alone teeth can lead to recession and bone loss. The other common treatments to replace missing teeth are dental implants.

Since bridges involve more than one tooth, they usually require more than the customary two appointments for a crown.

If cared for properly, meaning regular checkups and cleanings with periodic x-rays, bridges can last a couple of decades or more. Crowns can last even longer — and our use of the finest methods and materials means that you can rest assured in the product you are receiving.  All of our off-site work is done by the finest dental labs in Whatcom County - ensuring you quality and precise fit - something we are very proud of.

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