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Advanced Dental Technology

Woman receiving 3D cone beam scansTechnology has significantly simplified daily activities like ordering a pizza or checking movie times. Imagine how much innovations in technology have improved the way we’re able to provide effective dentistry services. Thanks to the incorporation of advanced dental technology, the Moreno & Young Dental team are now able to offer a wider range of dentistry services with greater accuracy and patient comfort. If you’d like to find out more, read on or contact our team to schedule an appointment.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at smile photos

We incorporated digital photos into our practice in order to make it easier for our patients to understand any oral health concerns they may experience and their potential treatment options. Rather than trying our best to describe what we see or use mirrors to show them a less than clear view of their smiles, we can quickly and comfortably capture photos of just what the dentist sees when viewing your smile. These images are then displayed on chairside monitors where we can evaluate them together. We have software that allows us to easily enlarge or enhance the photos, so you have a complete understanding of just what we’re trying to explain. Intraoral photography has been an essential aspect of offering patients improved education to ensure their complete confidence in all of their treatment options. Many of our patients find it helpful to see what we’re talking about before making any final decisions about their treatment options.

Digital X-Ray

Panoramic digital dental x-ray

Traditional dental x-rays offered us the ability to see into the interior and underlying structures of teeth, but they had several shortcomings. A great deal of radiation was necessary to capture these x-ray scans, and the images produced were not as clear as what’s available with digital x-rays. Using as much as 90% less radiation, digital x-rays instantly produce crystal-clear images of the interior tooth structures and parts of the smile concealed below the gum line. Traditional dental x-rays that had to be physically developed using hazardous chemicals, viewed on special light boards, and physically stored and transferred. Digital x-rays are captured as high definition electronic files that can be immediately viewed on chairside monitors. They’re easily stored and recalled year after year as necessary. We can compare them to new x-rays, which may allow us to diagnose areas for concern in earlier stages. Best of all, they streamline the treatment process as we’re able to instantly transfer x-rays to dental labs, specialists, and insurance providers as necessary to coordinate dental care.

CT/Cone Beam scanner

Woman smiling during cone beam scan

For most treatments, digital x-rays that capture just a small area of the smile are more than adequate in the diagnosis and treatment planning process. However, for procedures like dental implant placement and TMJ dysfunction therapies, a complete view of the smile is necessary. That’s where the state-of-the-art CT/cone beam scanner comes in. We use these three-dimensional scans of the entire smile to create a more complete and accurate diagnosis and plan for treatments that repair the full form and function of the smile. Digital images from the CT/cone beam scanner are viewable on chairside computer monitors just like intraoral photos and digital x-rays. We’re able to show patients a clear, panoramic view of their full smile as well as surrounding supportive oral and facial structures. In addition to utilizing these images in creating precise treatment plans, 3D images also allow patients to have a better understanding of their oral health conditions and potential treatments.

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Dental Lab

model being crafted in dental lab

Moreno and Young Dental is partnered with Whatcom Dental Lab to produce the absolute best-quality porcelain, ceramics, and gold for our patients' crowns and bridges. Our lab's exquisite attention to detail and quality results in added value for our patients. These benefits include less porcelain breaks and longer lasting restorations.