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January 14, 2020

Did You Know That These Celebrities Have Dental Implants?

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A movie star in front of paparazzi.

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought “Man, that George Clooney really has some incredible teeth!” If so, you should know that him and many other celebrities have had their teeth enhanced in more ways than you’d think. For example, here are five celebrities who have dental implants. After reading this list, you just might start thinking about getting dental implants in Bellingham yourself!

George Clooney

The O’ Brother Where Art Thou and Gravity star, George Clooney, has a smile that any man would want! Unfortunately, his natural teeth experienced long-term damage as a result of a bad teeth grinding habit. He would eventually go on to replace multiple teeth with a set of dental implants, giving him the winning smile he’s so well known for today. It just goes to show that not everyone can be born with perfect habits.

Christie Brinkley

Known for her Sports Illustrated covers in the 1970s, Christie understands how important a smile can be. Whether you saw her on the big screen or on the cover of a magazine, you might be surprised to hear that she needed a pair of dental implants. She ended up braking two of her molars as a result of a helicopter crash! Just goes to show that sometimes even models need to have dental implants.

Morgan Freeman

Shawshank Redemption and Angel Has Fallen star Morgan Freeman has acting chops that just about anyone in Hollywood would kill for. Of course, his smile wasn’t as refined as his ability to deliver lines. In order to fill the gap in his smile, he had dental implants placed! As an older dental implant patient, it should give hope to those who may have waited a long time to receive treatment.

Mike Tyson

While it should be no surprise to most, Mike Tyson has far from a perfect smile. When you’ve been in as many boxing matches as he has, it’s a shocker that he has any teeth at all! Of course, the boxer-turned-actor would eventually go on to repair his smile after retiring.

50 Cent

Rapper, actor and producer 50 Cent has been known for his infamous gap for years, but did you know that he actually had multiple dental implants placed to fill it and replace missing teeth? Nowadays, it’s hard to find a picture of him on the red carpet without his winning smile visible!

Chris Rock

Laughing should be effortless, at least according to ] comedian and actor Chris Rock. If you’re like him and wish that you could show your smile off with pride, you shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that he’s had multiple dental implants placed. While we don’t know why he needed them, we do know that he used his earnings from the movie Lethal Weapon to get them done!

You don’t have to be a movie star, comedian or model just to have a smile you’re proud to show off. Consider the ultimate in tooth replacement by visiting a dentist in Bellingham and asking them about dental implants today!

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